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Midland Dinner

The Christmas markets were already in full swing on an autumnal evening in central Manchester and the Midland Hotel and the Commanderie were on fine form.  We enjoyed getting together for a dinner and the opportunity to welcome 2 new Commandeurs to the Commanderie.

The Wines

Château Argadens, 2017, A.O.C. Bordeaux Blanc

Château du Tertre, 2006, 5ième Cru Classé, A.O.C. Margaux

Château Les Ormes-de-Pez, 2009, Cru Bourgeois, A.O.C. St-Estèphe

Château Raymond-Lafon, 2010, A.O.C. Sauternes


The champagne was of a high quality and this set the tone for the whole evening, as we gathered to prepare for the intronisation of our new members. 


The Conseil processed to the table and the two new commandeurs merits were assessed and not found wanting.  Having pledged fidelity to the wines of Bordeaux they were duly appointed as members and the dinner began. Little did we know what a treat we were in for!


The starter was exceptional  with the saltiness of the salmon, the sweetness of beetroot and smokiness of the charcoal mayonnaise all blending beautifully.  Not only that but the dish was accompanied by one of the best Bordeaux dry whites we have had in many a year.   

The Cru Bourgeois Sainte Estephe was a more modern style and also went well with the cheese.  The contrasting style of the wines gave much cause for discussion on the relative merits of these wines and their ability to complement cheese and/or beef.  However there was no dissatisfaction with either of them, as all stood up well and their differences were of style and the taster’s palate, rather than of quality.


The roast beef fillet maintained the high standards and was accompanied by a classic mature classy Margaux that was paired exceptionally well. 


The meal ended with a delicious desert with a rather understated Sauternes with  made by a great friend of the Commanderie from its past visits to his chateau.   


We ended with our customary toasts and with us thanking our attentive and skilled hosts at the Midland.